Monday, 7 November 2011

Going crazy, yet again!

Oh god! Chem 233!! I thought I was prepared, you know. I was going around telling everyone it’s the “weeder course” and I thought that was enough to scare me into working, into paying attention, into just staying on pace with the class. But, no! I slipped through the material of the first midterm somehow, but this one is just killing me. What Bandar (= monkey) made Organic chem!!!

We should all just die from whatever disease we get! We don’t need any drugs and we don’t need any chem to make those drugs. Besides, there would be no major/crazy diseases, in the first place, if we weren’t messing around with nature with our stupid experiment and mixing up plants and chemicals from the ground to see what crazy element we can design to create a new disease or a new bomb or a poison! Its all the fault of those stupid Neanderthals who randomly thought of making fire and tires! Weren’t they living their life just fine before that. Hunting and what not! Just ruining theirs and their coming generations lives! WTF! I swear to god that man/lady would have died a torturous death. He/she must have been the real eve and that fire was the apple.

I’m writing all this as a rant, but really think about it! Aren’t animals happy just the way they are! They’re not going around thinking about making a nuclear bomb or making another iphone-XX. They’re so chill! If you’re stronger, you kill, if you’re cleaver, you escape. If you suck, you die. Its all fine and dandy. But, here we are, trying to change everything from the way it was made. First we weren’t happy with the earth, so we created a hole in the ozone layer and ate up all our resources and then we weren’t happy with the kind of babies we were making so we started genetically modifying them “ some blue eyes here, a tall gene there, and change that penis into a vagina, please! Thank you very much”  (I don’t know if they can actually do that last part, but you know what I mean!)

On top of that, I just saw a youtube video on “4 years of med school” ~ basically they ran through a few student’s lives and I just realized that what I’m doing now (all this blabbering and being a flannel-mouth) due to a 2nd year chem course is only 1/12th of what I’ll be doing in 1st year med school (if I even get into one!!) So, YAY! To my luck and determination and $%$R$@ brains that are oh-so-easily and generously letting me get through these wonderful years with a great companion, that is Organic Chemistry.

Good night!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Time Travelled

WOW, it has been so long since I've blogged, I feel like I'm time travelling to the past. But, I did miss you, oh freedom of writing!

Earlier, I did so little there was nothing to blog about. Recently, I've done so much I don't know what to blog about and where to start. Just to put it out there, however, I'm using my studying time to do this; so not only is this nostalgic, it is indeed very evil! But from the last time I blogged till today (the soulless period, some frequent bloggers might call it) has been extremely busy, so I hope I'll be forgiven.

On campus, today I was walking along with headphones in my ears and I don't know what got into me (It must have been the song I was listening to) I looked up at almost every face that passed me, and I thought "There are so many people here, I never see the same person twice! And each of them has a story, a song and a move" (What normal person talks to themselves like that?!) Then, I told myself that was a very deep thought, imagined myself giving me an approving/ encouraging nod and walked into my class. Statistics!

Ever taken a statistics course? Liked it? Well, believe it or not, I do. Have I ever complained about Math on this blog? If I have, let me repeat: I absolutely abhor Mathematics. It might be building blocks of technology, but I will never understand it and to be honest, I don't want to. Statistics, on the other hand, I've taken a liking to. I find myself paying attention in class and SHOCKINGLY, I find myself saying "Oh I get it!" more than " WTF is he saying!" in that class. However, nothing is ever that easy. So, although the lecture is rather satisfying, the lab takes every ounce of energy out of me.

I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY!!! But Long posts are generally hated, so I'll save it!

Monday, 15 August 2011

To bore or not to bore, That is the question

Noticed how I'd stopped blogging? Demanding a reason? (I know you're not, but I'd like to think otherwise.) Anyway, I don't have a good reason. I had school up until the end of July. So, I promised myself that August was going to be tons of fun (considering my parents had planned to drive to California, stay there for a week and drive back.) However, 'fun' often tends to go the opposite direction from the one I'm going into, especially if I'm calling out to it. So, guess what? So far I have done NOTHING BIG.

Sure, my long lost friend of a year is back from the land across the seven seas. Sure, surprisingly almost every single day in Vancouver is turning out to be sunny and rainless. And sure, I've got a full licence and I can take myself wherever I like. BUT, like someone very smart said ~ it's not what you do to spend your time, it is who you spend it with. And, although a first few days since my long-lost-friend-of-a-year got back, we hung out all the time, now it has slowed down and I am slightly bored to my core.


So, I'm going to change that! My friends and I are going to GO OUT!!!! OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE!  (I don't know what I am saying! Thus, before I mess up my blog, I'd like to leave.)

However, I will keep you posted on if the only summer month I was granted was fun or not :)


Sunday, 7 August 2011


I am rather happy today! Its not because its a beautiful day, not because my zits are gone, not because I'm done first year, not because the thing I was crying about in my last post is finally happening and I feel successful. It is because I won an award! Yippee! *Applause*

After a billion years, I decided to sign into blogger and what do I find? Alexa presents me with an award! Thank you, Alexa!

This award is given to the bloggers who are pretty cool, but unfortunately, have few followers (less than 200.)

So, following the rules:
1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun!

I would like to thank Alexa from Illiterations 
and reveal my top picks:

1)Photogenic Devil from Threadbare Confession. I can't pin point why exactly, but I love reading her blog. It always manages to bring a smile on my face.

2) Manik Sharma from thelandabovewater. His Poetry is way over my understanding but I always find myself on his blog again and again and again. I think his work is very pure. 

3) Melody from Inquisitive thinking. I love what she writes about and how she writes it. 

4) Fiona from Voice of a nerd. LOL! If Fiona's blog doesn't cheer you up, nothing can!

5) I don't know if I can do this, but: Alexa from Illiterations...her stories, her poems, prose, her blog, it's beautiful! 

Congratulations, everyone! Keep writing!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

From the ashes

You might not always be successful in what you're doing
and that will be the time when you'd want to quit it.
The words "just quit" would've crossed your mind a billion times,
but you always held on, and now you're at the end of the string, still holding on
Its now, that everything matters the most.
Your decision, today will determine who you are
Your decision, today will make you who you will be
Your decision, today is you.

You're angry, you're tired, you're hurt,
There are dreams you had, that you see shattering now
But, today you forget that
your dreams have always had some fire in them
always burning, strong and bright
And, today that you see your dreams in ashes
its only important to understand that
it is a test, like it has always been
a test to see if you can bring back the fire
from the ashes, if you can arise a phoenix

A brighter, stronger, powerful phoenix, a new you.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Betrayer and Dream Shatterer alert!

I was looking forward to all three of your stories (the 3 being: Jasleen, Alexa and Devika) but I have been betrayed. I have been shown a treat and not given it after I finished my trick.

Very well, then! Good Day to you all!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Oh God! How do you feel when the person you are absolutely in love with is moving away and you know you will probably not see them until after 100 years or something? I feel Horrible!! I  don't want to let go, I want to hold on to them like a 4 year old daughter holds on to her dad's legs when he is leaving the state for a business meeting. I cry until my eyes and my head hurts and I look like a Tomato. I sit in a corner staring into space, making a photo album in my mind. I DEPRESSS!!!! D":

That is exactly how I feel right not; and how I feel right now is exactly how I feel every time I read/watch/talk/see anything... ANYTHING related to Harry Potter Part 2! WHY WHY WHY!!! Why did you have to take them away!!!

Alert: I am not a huge, lunatic fan. I haven't read a single book (which I, oh-so-deeply regret, but the thing with me is I don't enjoy the book, if I've watched the movies and vice versa) BUT I have watched EVERY SINGLE MOVIE, A BILLION TIMES.

Yet, today, I found myself going through Harry potter posts on different blogs and I... I have a lump in my throat and I want to hug every single person who acted in those movies...from the janitor (who we never saw) to Dumbledore.

Man, Am I going to miss these series! Now I have no celebrity about who I can, proudly, tell my kids that "YO! I grew with those sexy, talented dogs!"

I hope all the people/actors related to those movies in anyway, stay successful and happy for ever and ever! <3

The trio hugging on the last day <3