Monday, 7 November 2011

Going crazy, yet again!

Oh god! Chem 233!! I thought I was prepared, you know. I was going around telling everyone it’s the “weeder course” and I thought that was enough to scare me into working, into paying attention, into just staying on pace with the class. But, no! I slipped through the material of the first midterm somehow, but this one is just killing me. What Bandar (= monkey) made Organic chem!!!

We should all just die from whatever disease we get! We don’t need any drugs and we don’t need any chem to make those drugs. Besides, there would be no major/crazy diseases, in the first place, if we weren’t messing around with nature with our stupid experiment and mixing up plants and chemicals from the ground to see what crazy element we can design to create a new disease or a new bomb or a poison! Its all the fault of those stupid Neanderthals who randomly thought of making fire and tires! Weren’t they living their life just fine before that. Hunting and what not! Just ruining theirs and their coming generations lives! WTF! I swear to god that man/lady would have died a torturous death. He/she must have been the real eve and that fire was the apple.

I’m writing all this as a rant, but really think about it! Aren’t animals happy just the way they are! They’re not going around thinking about making a nuclear bomb or making another iphone-XX. They’re so chill! If you’re stronger, you kill, if you’re cleaver, you escape. If you suck, you die. Its all fine and dandy. But, here we are, trying to change everything from the way it was made. First we weren’t happy with the earth, so we created a hole in the ozone layer and ate up all our resources and then we weren’t happy with the kind of babies we were making so we started genetically modifying them “ some blue eyes here, a tall gene there, and change that penis into a vagina, please! Thank you very much”  (I don’t know if they can actually do that last part, but you know what I mean!)

On top of that, I just saw a youtube video on “4 years of med school” ~ basically they ran through a few student’s lives and I just realized that what I’m doing now (all this blabbering and being a flannel-mouth) due to a 2nd year chem course is only 1/12th of what I’ll be doing in 1st year med school (if I even get into one!!) So, YAY! To my luck and determination and $%$R$@ brains that are oh-so-easily and generously letting me get through these wonderful years with a great companion, that is Organic Chemistry.

Good night!


  1. I hope you feel better now? You did let off some steam their.

  2. It has been a long time. YOU SHOULD POST NOW.

  3. Hey I was just going through some of my older posts and I remembered you ! I cannot believe you haven't posted for 4 years !
    Anyway, I guess you've abandoned this blog. You write really well and you should continue writing - just saying.

    Hope you're doing well )